Prices listed include:

– insurance (as described below, in point 4)

– all taxes including VAT and road tax

– delivery at no extra charge during normal business hours (see opening hours) (from 08:00 to 21:00 hours) up to 20 km from Kissamos, or up to the airport or port in Chania, in the case of a reservation longer than 5 days.

Outside business hours, a surcharge of €10 will be charged for delivery to the office in Kissamos.

Charges for delivery and collection of the car not at the office in Kissamos are €5-30 for one trip at any time, depending on the place of collection and the duration of the reservation. The customer will be informed in advance about the exact amount by phone or in writing.

The customer has unlimited mileage and 24/7 hourly assistance service anywhere in Crete.

The customer has child seats available, included in the rental price.

Mandatory helmets are supplied free of charge to scooters, motorbikes and quad bikes.


  a) Booking conditions:

– the reservation can be made by e-mail or by phone

– the reservation is valid only if it is confirmed by Sunset rental by e-mail or by phone and a deposit of 20% of the total rent is paid to the company’s bank account or in cash

Reservation is only possible within a group of cars, Sunset rental cannot guarantee the exact brand of the car or a specific vehicle.

Booking cancelation:

Free cancelation of the reservation is possible up to 30 days before arrival.

If the reservation is canceled less than 30 days before arrival, the right to refund the deposit expires.

  b) Driver’s age and documents required when taking over the vehicle:

Car, Scooter up to 125cc:

– valid identity card or passport

– a driver’s license valid for EU countries, or an international driver’s license (for countries that do not belong to the EU). The driver must be the holder of a driving license for at least one year.

– car driver must be at least 21 years old for vehicle category B. Scooter driver (A1 group – up to 125cc automatic and manual) must be at least 16 years old.

– the maximum age of the driver is 70 years

Quad bike, Motorcycle:

– valid identity card or passport

– European or international driver’s license for the given group of vehicles. The driver must be the holder of a driving license for at least one year.

– The driver should be the holder of a valid European or international driver’s license for at least one year, be at least 19 years old for group A2 (36kw), 22 years for group A. For a quad bike, the driver must be a holder of a European or international driver’s license for group B for at least one year and must be at least 20 years old.

Number of passengers: Vehicles in our rental company are insured for the maximum number of passengers. If this number is exceeded, your insurance will be invalid.

Cars and scooters are rented for a time unit of 24 hours. (Example: 7.8. 15:00 – 10.8. 15:00)

Motorcycles and quad bikes are rented for a time unit of one calendar day. When renting for one day, it is necessary to return the vehicle by 21:00 hours of the same day, otherwise the amount for the next rental day will be charged. When renting for several days, it must be returned by 21:00 hours on the last day of the rental.


Fuel is paid for by the lessee. The lessee must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel that was filled in the vehicle when it was taken over. Unconsumed fuel is not reimbursed.


LEGAL INSURANCE: is already included in the stated price of the vehicle, roadside assistance is provided.

Includes glass breakage insurance and third party property damage and injury coverage.

SUPPLEMENTARY INSURANCE: is optional only for the cars and provides coverage for damage to the vehicle up to €500 except for tires, damage to wheels and chassis. The surcharge per day is €15-20, depending on the type of the vehicle.


The lessee is obliged to compensate the full amount for the damage or theft, if it was caused by him or the other driver specified in the contract, in case that the damage was caused by the user of the vehicle and if:

  1. the driver caused damage to the vehicle or a third party by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if the driver could reasonably be considered unfit to drive.
  2. damage to the vehicle or a third party occurred while driving off-road (only 4WD-SUV can drive off-road). Driving our cars on non-asphalt roads is NOT allowed.

Theft or damage to any personal belongings left in a Sunset rental vehicle is not covered by our insurance policy.

Also, the insurance does not cover the damage caused

– in the interior of the car and on the chassis of the car

– if the driver of the vehicle is not authorized as a driver by the rental agreement

– if the driver does not take all necessary measures for safe parking and locking of the car

– if the car is illegally parked

– if the lessee, authorized driver or passenger intentionally damages or destroys the vehicle

– any damages caused by negligent actions


Sunset rental offers car rentals without the need for prior credit card authorization or cash as a guarantee in case of damage for which you are responsible during the rental.

To confirm the reservation, it is necessary to pay 20% of the total rent to the company’s bank account within 72 hours of making the reservation, or on the spot, at the company’s office, at the time of making the reservation. The lessee pays the remaining part of the rent when taking over the vehicle.

Payments are made in cash, by card and, in the case of advances, by payments to the account.


– All traffic fines and penalties issued as a result of any violation of the Greek Road Traffic Law during the rental period, including the related administrative costs, are solely the responsibility of the lessee.

– The lessee will also be responsible for all costs of replacing lost or damaged vehicle keys.

– Our vehicles are equipped with a GPS device that monitors its location.

– BALOS – Only 4×4 vehicles, scooters and motorbikes with off-road equipment can be driven to Balos. You will also be notified of this when taking over the vehicle and everything will be explained to you. For passenger vehicles without 4×4 that go to Balos, the lessee is obliged to pay a fine of €300 that will be collected on the spot without the right to compensation for damage or the provision of a tow away or a replacement vehicle.

– Vehicles can only leave Crete with the written consent of Sunset rental.


If you have an accident, contact us immediately! You should get the names and addresses of everyone involved, including any witnesses, and take photographs of the car and any other vehicles, or the location, if relevant. If it is not possible to determine who is responsible for the accident, contact the police immediately on the general telephone number 100, or on the number of the local police station (you can find it on the Internet). In addition, you must complete an accident report form and return it to our office in Kissamos. It is better to involve us in solving the problem as soon as possible, so that we can help you as best as possible.

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